G.4.12 – Stick Curtain Wall Installation Issues Part 3


Curtain wall is one of the most common façade systems that is used in modern building envelopes. In accordance with CWCT Standard for systemised building envelopes “Curtain walling is a form of predominantly vertical building envelope which supports no load other than its own weight and the environmental forces which act upon it”. The EN 13830 Curtain walling – product standard, identifies the curtain walls as “Part of the building envelope made of a framework usually consisting of horizontal and vertical profiles, connected together and anchored to the supporting structure of the building, and containing fixed and/or openable infills, which provides all the required functions of an internal or external wall or part thereof, but does not contribute to the load bearing or the stability of the structure of the building”.

In this article, attempts were made to discuss some of the most common design and installation workmanship issues in relation to the following elements of stick curtain walls:

  • Glazing infill units
  • Secondary weather membrane
  • Good practice

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