We used to deliver weekly online trainings on various façade engineering related topics, which included a published article followed by an interactive webinar. These training sessions consisted of either a theoretical content or practical example or review of a standard/guideline or an investigation of a façade failure, in relation to façade materials, systems, technologies and construction.

Due to the high demand for a well structured course as well as career progression advise in this niche discipline, we had to discontinue our weekly trainings. However, by making a small payment you will be able to gain full to access all the previously completed training contents. 

You will also be able to raise your questions and get them answered by our specialist. CPD certificates will be issued upon completion. 

We encourage people to take part in our weekly training sessions if you are;

  • A building construction industry professional, who is keen to enhance your knowledge in façade engineering as part of your Continuous Professional Development (CPD).
  • A built environment or architecture student and willing to learn about façade engineering.
  • Someone simply interested in knowing the technicality of building façades.

Choose your subscription plan​

  • Partial access to published articles
  • Full access to published articles
  • Recorded webinar videos
  • Written questions & answers
  • Multi-language support*
  • Quizzes
  • CPD certificates (electronic)
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